Heta Automatic Combustion (HAC)

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Heta Automatic Combustion (HAC) makes it possible for everyone, no matter prior experience, to achieve the perfect combustion. The HAC allows you to control the combustion through 6 phases with detailed information about flue gas temperature, selected heat level and much more.

The six phases include standby, startup, combustion, falling temperature, ember and flue gas phase.

Furthermore, the HAC contains three different menus. The combustion menu lists the temperature for last refueling and combustion, and for the current fuel load and combustion. The information menu gives a detailed overview of the current configuration of the HAC unit (reserved for qualified dealers). The parameter menu provides an overview of the selected parameters for the HAC unit, including language, sounds, etc.

More information is available from the Quick Guide.

Quick Guide:

QuickGuide HAC DK DE FR SE
QuickGuide HAC EN IT NL

Installation instructions:

HAC Assembly SL 800
HAC Assembly SL 500