Here you will find frequently asked questions about the Oura series.

Which options does the Oura series has for customization?

The customization options for the Oura series include soapstone and black Shanxi granite, as either a top or as a complete coat.

Furthermore, the Oura series can be coated in ceramics from KeCerá. The ceramics range from KeCerá offers 13 unique colors. To view the options for ceramics and enamel for a specific stove, see the individual models by clicking here.

Click here to view the ceramics range from KeCerá.

How many stoves does the Oura series include?

The Oura series includes Oura 100, Oura 200 and Oura 300, for a total of 3 stoves. Specific models can be bought with different coatings or side windows. Accumulating all the customization options, the Oura series include 61 unique stoves.

To see the full Oura series on the Heta website click here.