Here you will find answers to questions that spans most of the Heta range.

Is there any warranty on Heta stoves?

Here at Heta, quality is part of our very existence. We strive to make the best products on the market and choose only the best materials for our stoves. Because of this, every Heta stove comes with 5 years warranty on parts and labor. Should you, against all odds, experience any issues with your Heta stove, contact your local dealer.

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Which options does Heta have for customization?

The complete Heta range of stoves offers an incredible ammount of unique stoves.

Adding up 6 types of stone, 55 colors of ceramics and 9 enamel colors, brings the total number of unique stoves close to 14.000 – plenty of options to find the right stove just for you.

To find out which types of customization are available to a specific stove, contact your local dealer or go to